Welcome to the purchasing System for non-saleable goods (NSG) at Deichmann SE.

Technologies are changing many areas of business life – and purchasing is no exception. Against this background, DEICHMANN has decided to introduce a new, internet-supported purchasing system in the area of NON-saleable goods.

This is your suppliers’ portal for the DEICHMANN group, Europe’s leading footwear retailer:

You  can contact us here in your capacity as a supplier.
Participate in our tenders and become a supplier for products and services 

  • which we require to equip and operate our branches, administrative offices and logistics system,
  • but DO NOT resell to our customers – i.e. NON-commercial goods.

The following pages also offer you background information on the company and the purchasing of non-commercial goods.

We are looking forward to our mutual contact and cooperation.

Please also visit our online shop under www.deichmann.com.