Good shoes from the market leader – for over 100 years

Deichmann has been a family business since 1913 and intends to remain independent. Its history of over a hundred years began in Essen, in the heart of the Ruhr region. The headquarters of the group of companies is still there today. 

The company’s procurement needs cover not only commercial goods – i.e. footwear – but also goods and services which the company requires in order to organise its business operations effectively. At DEICHMANN, these areas of procurement are grouped together under the heading “Non-Commercial Goods”. These goods are also subject to the principle of quality at a convincingly fair price and in compliance with the stipulated social standards.

You can download our Conditions of Purchase here.
You can download our Code of Conduct here.

DEICHMANN’s corporate culture focuses on people. The central objective is to offer the customer the best product at the best price. Also central to this culture are a humane management style which ensures the staff’s sense of wellbeing within the company. This provides the basis for the good service enjoyed by our customers.

This philosophy also extends to our suppliers. We attach importance to lasting and fair contracts with suppliers – obviously subject to regular critical review on the market.


Our introduction of a modern, internet-supported purchasing system will optimise the internal and external exchange of information and the attendant workload in many of our procurement processes. At the same time, we will be pooling our requirements throughout the group, calling for a flexible, global partnership with our suppliers.